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The highly anticipated conclusion to The Crystor Series. 

Refusing to believe that Kira is dead, Octavion searches for the truth about her disappearance. But time is running out. The king of Panthera will come for him soon and Octavion can’t leave without knowing she is safe. 

Kira thinks the only way she can keep her friends alive is by faking her death, but the lie has only put them in more danger. As she quickly adapts to her new surroundings, she learns more about her gifts and becomes the warrior she was always meant to be. 

     "C.K. Bryant does a brilliant job of writing a paranormal romance that combines what we know with what we don't, love with hate, danger with hope. She had me turning the page, sitting on the edge of my seat and wishing I could read the next book in the series right away. A truly excellent modern-day tale that I highly recommend for fans of YA novels that feature a strong female protagonist." -- Ali Cross, Author of the Desolation Series

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